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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Our teacher is Mrs Smith and our TA is Mrs Sharp. 

Summer Term 2021

Summer:  We are learning about the world’s biomes as part of our geography project.  We are learning how to use figurative language effectively in poems and stories with river and mountain settings and doing lots of research about rivers and mountains around the world. In D/T we will annotate a model to demonstrate our geographical understanding of the key features of rivers and mountains. 

In Science we are learning about interdependence, evolution and inheritance and studying animals and plants in different world biomes, considering their adaptations.  We are learning how to classify animals and plants using keys and will be carrying out fieldwork around the school grounds and at a river; we will draw field sketches, use maps, carry out environmental surveys and explore different habitats for animals and plants. We will be applying lots of mathematical skills when interpreting data in geography and Science this term.

We will learn lots of textiles skills when studying artists that paint landscapes and will be sketching lots of animals and plants from different biomes.

In music, we are singing songs with a river and mountain theme, and will be creating compositions with percussion and tuned instruments to illustrate the journey of a river.

In PE, we are developing striking and fielding skills in cricket and rounders, and improving athletics skills such as running, jumping and throwing.  We will also refine our invasion game skills.

We are hoping to perform a school play, so will focus on singing, drama, performance and preparing scenery.

There will be lots of focus on PSHE– preparing for transition to Secondary School, whilst working on friendship and co-operation within the class.

Our class book will be The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.