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Year 3

Welcome to year 3!

Welcome to year 3! Our Teacher is Miss Jackson and our TAs are Mrs Howard, Mrs Weller, Mrs Patelli and Mrs Baker.

Summer Term 2021

After some time away from school, we are going to have a lot of fun together this term! We have lots of wonderful activities planned and ready to go! 

In our English we are going to write formal letters to Mr Willy Wonka, to persuade him to create a sweet treat that we have designed. Then, we will be moving on to write ‘Explanation texts’ where we will be creating our own Wallace and Grommit type inventions and explaining how these work! Then we will move on to reading ‘creation stories’ in our guided reading sessions such as ‘How the Camel got his Hump’ from ‘Just So Stories’ by Rudyard Kipling and ‘How the Whale became’ by Ted Hughes. We will use these stories as inspiration to write our own imaginative ‘creation stories’.  

In maths this term we will be focusing on fractions (ordering, adding and subtracting, problem solving), formal multiplication and long division, telling the time, 3D shape and measuring (including problem solving) and decimals. We will also be going over all four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, including problem solving. 

Our Science topic this half term is forces and magnets, where we are learning all about the different forces such as gravity and friction through investigations, as well as looking at how magnets work and what we use them for.  

We will be starting our topic on Europe and France this term! The children will be investigating France and will be focusing on regions and major cities, including Paris and its famous landmarks. This will be linked to the Geographical skills using maps to find out information and comparing the physical and human features. We are going to be looking at the French artist ‘Monet’ and we shall study Impressionism to inspire our own work, as well as recreating famous French landmarks out of a range of different materials in DT. We will be creating our own non chronological report booklets about France and will be comparing our school to a French school. As we come to the end of our topic we may even try some French bread and cheese! Bon appetite! 

In the final half term we shall become explorers, looking for adventure! We shall be reading and writing adventure stories thinking about what makes a good cliff hanger……… We will also, of course, write some summer poems!  

We shall be finding out about famous British adventurers from history right up to the present day with Bear Grylls. In science, we shall be finding out about the human body and what it needs to stay healthy. We will be looking at and naming the different bones and muscles.  

In PE we are focussing on throwing and catching, and will then be going on to striking and fielding, as well as athletics activities!  

In PSHE our two topics are Relationships and Changing Me. Through the Relationships topic we will explore the different roles and responsibilities in a family unit as well as the skills needed to form solid friendships.  Changing Me will focus on the changes animals, including humans, go through from birth to adulthood.  We will focus on the changes outside and inside a human body.  

In Computing we will be revisiting email and the need to be aware of online safety when using email accounts. We will be continuing to learn how to code with scratch junior and other coding programmes.  

What a fun term we will have!