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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. 

Our teacher is Miss Dance, and our TA’s are Mrs Weller, Mr Hanley and Mrs Head.

Autumn Term 2021

In our ‘Being Me In My World’ topic this term, Year 1 are focusing on ourselves. This topic focuses on our bodies and our senses.  The children will have the opportunity to practically explore the five senses. As part of this topic the children will explore the childhoods of their own families particularly parents and grandparents.  They will compare what childhood was like for them compared to their own childhood and will get the opportunity to study toys then and now. 

In the second term our topic will be ‘Bringing Stories To Life’, Year 1 will be studying traditional tales looking at the similar features that are used in these tales. Year 1 will be bringing these stories to life using drama, role play and puppetry. They will be using their learning to write letters, their own story and will be provided with other creative writing opportunities.

During our Maths sessions, Y1 will be learning to follow instructions using positional language (left, right, forwards, backwards, half turn, full turn). They will be finding patterns within numbers and using their knowledge of number to make 10 (number bonds). Year 1 will be using their addition and subtraction skills to solve a range of number and word problems. We will also be learning how to double and halve and explore which numbers are odd and which are even. Year 1 will also learn about 2D and 3D shapes this term, specifically their names and properties.

Our values for this term are ‘justice’, ‘honesty’ and ‘peace’ as well as these values being incorporated into our RE lessons, we will also be applying them in all areas of school life. 

In PE, this term, Year 1 will be playing lots of different team games using their communication skills. They will also begin to develop their gymnastics skills and will be creating some dances using our traditional tales knowledge.

In Design and Technology the children will have a chance to make their own peg doll.  In Art, year 1 will be creating their own self-portraits, using a variety of tools and mediums. In Computing, the children will become more familiar with the different programs and software available to them. They will explore programmable toys including BeeBots. After half term the children will be creating their own fairy tale e-book.

In music, the children will be learning a variety of songs (old and new) around the theme of ourselves and families. The children will also be exploring body percussion.

In our PSHCE learning we will be following JIGSAW lessons. Our topic for the term will be ‘celebrating difference’. The children will be identifying how they are different from their peers and how this makes them special and unique. We will look at our rights and our responsibilities and how these influence us as a member of a school community.