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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. 

Our teacher is Miss Dance, and our TA’s are Mrs Weller, Mrs Stack and Mrs Head.

Spring Term 2022

In our ‘Investigators’ topic Year 1 are investigating materials and their physical properties. We will re-visit the story of the Three Little Pigs in English and Science focusing on the different materials each pig used to build their house. We will also explore different materials and their properties.

In our ‘It’s Amazing’ topic, during the second part of Spring term, the children will be looking at plants and will get the opportunity to observe first-hand the variety of plants in our local environment. As part of our Science learning the children will look at Evergreen and Deciduous trees and will investigate the different things that seeds need to enable them to grow. This will lead on to writing recounts, instructions and stories in English, as well as opportunities for writing spring poetry.

During our Maths sessions, Year 1 will continue to develop their fluency of number, using plenty of manipulatives to visually represent their mathematical thinking as well as developing written methods. They will also focus on problem solving and balancing equations. The children will be reading and understanding information that is presented in a variety of ways. Year 1 will also learn to measure and weigh objects using standard and non-standard units of measurement and will enhance their problem solving skills.

Our values this term are ‘hope’ and ‘forgiveness’. As well as this theme being incorporated into our RE lessons, we will also be applying it in all areas of our learning and school life.

In Geography the children will be exploring their local area and will be creating maps of the journey that they take to school. We will also be looking at different map symbols and the children will use this knowledge to create their own map and key.

In Art, the children will get the chance to create collages using natural materials, as well as developing their skills in observational drawing.

In our Computing sessions, the children will be learning how to safely find images online. They will also record a healthy eating TV show using iMovie on the iPads.

In PE the children will develop their gymnastic skills, focussing particularly on rolling and holding a balance.

In music, the children will be using percussion instruments to learn about pulse and rhythm.

During our PSHCE sessions we will be continuing with our JIGSAW work. The topics for this term are ‘our dreams and goals’ which will allow the children to stay motivated to achieve their own goals alongside helping others to achieve their goals. This topic also enables the children to think about maintaining a positive attitude. Throughout the second term of spring our JIGSAW topic will be ‘healthy me’ we will be looking at how to lead a healthy life style looking at foods, exercise, amount of sleep and daily hygiene. We will also look at road safety and discuss how to ensure we are keeping safe when out and about.