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Our Aims

At St Paul’s, as well as delivering the aims of the PE National Curriculum, we believe children should be given a wide range of opportunities to participate and compete in sports and physical activities, so we provide, and give access to, a huge range of extra-curricular clubs, tournaments, festivals, leagues and intra-school competitions, which is supported by us being members of the DSSN (Dacorum School Sports Network).

We want to instil, in the young people we work with, that keeping active, not only helps their physical health, but also their mental health, so that they go on to continue in sport and physical activity when they leave us to lead healthy lifestyles.

We believe that developing young leaders through sport helps develop key values such as teamwork, self-belief, passion, determination, responsibility and honesty.

We celebrate success in sharing assemblies every Friday and our noticeboards are updated on the school playground regularly. We put an emphasis on beating personal bests in particular sports, and ensure children recognise that to get better at something you will probably lose or fail first as this helps them to develop resilience.

The Sport Premium Grant aids us to provide these opportunities and enables us to put sport and physical activity at the heart of our curriculum.