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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to Year 6. Our teacher is Mrs Smith, our TA’s are Mrs Sharp and Mrs Trott. 

Autumn Term 2021

Autumn: This term we are learning about Mesoamerican History. We are focusing on the Mayan and Aztec civilisations and comparing their ways of life to Britain at the same time.  In geography we are studying maps of Mexico and Central America to understand how the Aztecs and Mayans used the land to live. 

All our reading and writing will be based on research about the civilisations: we will write discussions, recounts, stories, poetry and explanations.  We are creating artefacts and models to represent the civilisations in art and D/T, and, in music, we are learning about Aztec drumming and other percussion instruments.

In Science we are learning about electricity and the circulatory system.  We are learning the main electrical symbols to be able to draw a circuit diagram and creating a model with a working motor or light.  We are learning about the blood vessels and the journey of blood around the body.

In PE, we are learning skills to play volleyball and badminton.  We will also complete a unit on gymnastics where we will work on synchronisation.  We will also be completing a 6-week swimming course. 

We also have lots more to look forwards to this term, like: taking on responsibilities for leadership roles, preparing for Voice in a Million and taking part in leagues, festivals and tournaments.