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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Our teachers are Mrs Dunne (Mon-Thurs) . Our TA is Mrs Broadfield (am).

Year 4 Summer Term

This term in year four we are basing lots of our work around a Geography topic: North America. This includes map work, Physical geography including: dramatic weather conditions, volcanoes and earthquakes. Also Human geography, including: Native American Indians, creatures and types of settlement. We will be designing and making our own volcanoes, using a pneumatic system, in Design and Technology! We will be studying and practising Native American rhythms and dance.

In English we will be looking at narrative poetry, non-chronological reports, dramatic recounts (natural disasters), imaginary worlds and discussing and writing balanced arguments. In maths we will continue to work with fractions, formal multiplication and division strategies using higher numbers, calculating and converting time using a 24 hour clock, negative numbers, geometry and calculating the area of shapes. This will include lots of more complex problem solving. We will be regularly using our mantra ‘draw it, prove it!’

In science we are learning about ‘animals including humans’. We are focussing on habitats, how animals are suited to their environment, reptiles and other North American animals (food chain, reproduction and threats). We are also focussing on different states of matter, chemical and physical changes. In PE we are focussing on Hockey, Cricket and Athletics. We are also very excited about our residential trip to Kingswood in May!