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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Our teachers are Mrs Dunne (Mon-Thurs) and Mrs Rees (Fri).  Our TA is Mrs Broadfield (am).

This half term our History based topic is ‘The Romans.’ We will continue from last year’s learning in our time line travelling from the Iron Age to when the Romans invaded Britain. We will learn about how and why they invaded Britain and order events on a timeline. We will also research how the Romans lived and the impact they have had on Britain. We will also be visiting Verulamium in St Albans. In English we will focus on diary writing recounts, describing settings and characters, story with a historical setting, writing newspaper reports, persuasive adverts and persuasive letters, play scripts and writing non-chronological reports linked to our topic. We will also be writing idioms and using personification in poetry. Lots of our guided reading books will be based around the topic. In Design and Technology and Art we will be designing and creating Roman shields, mosaics, pottery, and creating villas.

As well as linking maths with our topic work we will be focussing on:                                                                                     Aut 1 –   Number and Place Value, mental and formal Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and Division – including times tables and the grid method, Geometry – Revision of describing  2D and 3D shapes,  Measurement –  measuring length, weight and  capacity and the conversion of units,.

Aut 2 – Fractions and equivalent fractions, ratio and proportion, Decimals and adding decimals, Multiplication and Division, multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, long multiplication, Dividing with remainders, long division, rounding and expanded Addition and subtraction, Problem Solving, Measurement – estimation, comparison and calculating

In Science this term we will be focusing on Sound and then Electricity. The sound topic will be very cross curricular as the children will be exploring how sounds are made.  They will learn how to change pitch and loudness as well as making their own musical instruments.  We will develop this in our music sessions and also explore composing music using technology in our Computing sessions. 

During the second half term the Science focus shifts to Electricity where the children will learn to construct simple circuits. During Computing they will get the opportunity to further develop their coding skills.