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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Our teachers are Mrs Dunne (Mon-Thurs) and Miss Bateman (Fri). Our TA is Mrs Howard (am).

This half term we will be continuing to write ‘Explanation texts’. Then we will move onto reading ‘creation stories’ in our guided reading sessions such as ‘How the Camel got his Hump’ from ‘Just So Stories’ by Rudyard Kipling and ‘How the Whale became’ by Ted Hughes. We will use these stories as inspiration to write our own imaginative ‘creation stories’. We will be completing our Geography topic about our local area, Chipperfield. We will then start our topic on France. The children be investigating Europe and will be focusing on regions and major cities, including Paris and its famous landmarks. This will be linked to the Geographical skills using maps to find out information and comparing the physical and human features. Our English and maths work will also be linked to this as we shall be following and writing instructions, reading scales whilst weighing, as we try our hand at some French cookery. We will be creating our own non chronological report booklets about France. We will be comparing our school to a French school and to round off our topic we will be sampling a range of French bread and cheese! Bon appetite!

As well as linking maths with our topic work we will be focussing on:

Summer 1

Fractions –ordering, adding and subtracting, problem solving

Multiplying multiples of 10

Multiplication – revising strategies and introducing the Grid Method

Division – revising strategies and introducing the Chunking Method

Place value and decimal notation – ten times greater and smaller, regrouping, using money

Time – telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes and 1 minute

Summer 2

Addition and subtraction – Revising different strategies including mental and formal column addition and subtraction

Addition and Subtraction using money

Problem solving involving using units of measurement

3D shape – building and identifying properties

We are linking our Art with our study of plants in Science and we will be using William Morris as an inspiration to paint and print repeated and symmetrical flower shapes. When studying France our art work will be based on ‘Monet’ and we shall study Impressionism to inspire our own work. We will also produce Paris layered silhouette pictures. Watch out for them on our website!

In Science we will be finishing our work on plants, focusing more on what plants need to survive and then we will find out about ‘Light’. This too, will be linked to English as we perform and write shadow puppet play scripts based on the ‘Billy Goats Gruff’ but only using 1 goat puppet! Can the children solve how to make the shadow bigger and smaller………..??? Watch this space!

This term we have started swimming lessons which is very exciting! We will also be continuing with ‘striking and fielding’ and athletics activities will get us prepared for Sports day!

In the final half term we shall become explorers, looking for adventure! We shall be reading and writing adventure stories thinking about what makes a good cliff hanger………

We shall be finding out about famous British adventurers from history right up to the present day with Bear Grylls. In science, we shall be finding out about magnetism, which could be useful for an adventurer in need of a compass!

In PSHE are two topics are Relationships and Changing Me. Through the Relationships topic the children will explore the different roles and responsibilities in a family unit as well as the skills needed to form solid friendships.  Changing Me will focus on the changes animals, including humans go through from birth to adulthood, we will focus on the changes outside and inside a human body. 

In Computing we will be revisiting email and the need to be aware of online safety when using email accounts. We will also be collecting online data and analysing it.