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Year 2


Class teacher: Mrs Hannah Willis,  Teaching assistants: Miss Sian Mills, Mrs Kathryn Swales, Mrs Shelley Trott,, Mrs Jitka King.

In our ‘Being Me in My World’ topic this term, Year 2 are looking at The Great Fire of London. The topic includes a Great Fire of London workshop, where the children will be able to experience real life scenarios from the event. This will lead on to various English opportunities for report writing, diary writing (using Samuel Pepys as our inspiration) and creating posters.

During our Maths sessions, Y2 will continue to develop their fluency of number. The children will have their own Maths packs, allowing them to represent their Mathematical understanding in different ways, using plenty of visual and practical tools as well as written methods. Our key phrase will be: ‘How can you draw it?’ (They may know that 83-10=73, but can they draw it as a diagram?)

Our value for this half term is ‘responsibility’ and as well as this theme being incorporated into our RE lessons, we will also be applying it in all areas of our school life.

In D and T the children will have a chance to make their own Tudor houses, and will be able to see for themselves why they set light so easily! In art, y2 will be using their imagination to explore different ways to create a scene from the fire, using a variety of tools and mediums. In Computing, the children will be learning about E-Safety, particularly around the area of emailing. They will also be learning how to take, edit and enhance photographs.

In PE, we will be doing outdoor games, where the children will have the opportunity to invent a variety of throwing, catching, aiming and hitting games. We will also be doing dance, using the theme of the Great Fire of London.

During History week, we will be looking at the life of Rosa Parks, and how she had courage to stand up for her principles.

In music, the children will be learning a variety of songs around the theme of the Great Fire of London, as well as learning songs for the Nativity play. The children will also be exploring pulse, rhythm and duration