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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. Our teacher is Mrs Willis and our TAs are Miss Mills and Mrs Swales. We also have Mrs Trott and Mrs King as learning support assistants.

In our ‘Dreams and Goals’ topic Year 2 are investigating the properties of materials. We are going to carry out various investigations to find the best uses for different materials. The topic will lead on to various English and D and T opportunities for cooking, and writing menus, recipes and instructions. The children will also have a chance to visit the kitchens of a pizza restaurant.

In our ‘Healthy Me’ topic in the second part of the term, the children will be looking at life cycles, and will get the opportunity to observe first-hand the life cycle of different plants and animals, including quails. This will lead on to writing explanations texts in English, as well as opportunities for writing poetry.

During our Maths sessions, Y2 will continue to develop their fluency of number. The children have their own Maths packs, allowing them to represent their Mathematical understanding in different ways, using plenty of visual and practical tools as well as written methods. Our key phrase will be: ‘How can you draw it?’ (They may know that 83-30=53, but can they draw it as a diagram?)

Our values for this half term are ‘hope’ and ‘forgiveness’. As well as this theme being incorporated into our RE lessons, we will also be applying it in all areas of our school life.

Our Geography will take place in the second part of the term, where the children will be exploring their local area, learning to find directions by using maps and compasses.

In art, the children will get the chance to create a piece of art using clay, as well as developing their skills in observational drawing. In Computing, the children will be learning about how computer games work, as well as using simple charting software to produce pictograms and charts.

In PE, the children will be introduced to ‘Tag Rugby’. They will also be doing topic based dance. In the second part of the term, the children will continue to develop their gymnastic skills, focussing particularly on poise and balance.

In music, the children will be learning a variety of songs around the theme of food. In addition to this they will have a chance to explore pitch using instruments and symbols.