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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Our teachers are Mrs Rees (Monday) and Ms Swan (Tuesday to Friday). Our TAs are Mrs Turner (Mondays), Mrs Swallow (Tuesday to Thursday mornings plus all day Friday) and Mrs Baker (Wednesday and Thursday afternoons).

Autumn Term 2021

Our ‘Being Me In My World’ (Time Detectives) main topic for the first half of the Autumn term is the Great Fire of London with a fantastic Great Fire of London Workshop taking place on Tuesday 14th September.  Exploration of this topic will include in History, comparing the past and the present, creating timelines (chronology) and looking at the famous historical figure Samuel Pepys.  We will also go back in time and research differences in buildings and the fire service today vs 1666.  In English, we will look at the structure and features of diary entries based on the Great Fire of London and cinquain poetry about fire.   To reflect our Thankfulness Value we will also start to research Remembrance Day, World War 1 including local war heroes.  In Geography, we will look at features, landmarks, key and symbols on maps to compare and contrast London today and during the Great Fire of London.

After the Autumn half term, our topic will be Celebrating Difference (Bringing Stories To Life). Year 2 will be studying traditional tales looking at character descriptions and writing their own version of the story and alphabetically ordered poetry.  In History/English we will be researching Rosa Parks to also reflect our Justice Value

During our Maths sessions, topics we will cover include continuing to learn about number and place value, counting on and back in ones and tens from any number, securing number fluency to 20 and quantities of measures using different scales.   They will practice mental addition and subtraction of numbers using one and two digit numbers, answering number and word problems.

In D&T we will be making Tudor houses to set alight to re-enact the Great Fire of London  plus sourdough bakery props for our Pudding Lane Bakery role play area. In Art we will look at colour mixing and blending to create fire pictures.  After Half Term, we will also be cooking Christmas cakes after half term (yum!), writing instructions and using mixed media to create Transient art, influenced by poppies and Van Gogh field of poppies paintings. 

In Computing, our Autumn 1 topic is ‘We are communicators’, looking at how we can use email to collect clues from historical characters linked to the Great Fire of London and Rosa Parks.  After Half Term we will become Coders, exploring how computer games work including having a go at coding our own Nativity scene.

In Science we will use our scientific skills to investigate materials and practise ‘fair testing’. In Science we will investigate materials, their properties and changing shape, linking this to different materials used in London buildings today and during the Great Fire of London era.

Our values for the Autumn term are ‘Thankfulness’ and ‘Justice’ which will be incorporated into our RE lessons as well as applied in all areas of our school life. 

In PE this term we are very fortunate to have Watford FC run games skills sessions with the children where they will also enhance their team and communication skills.  As part of dance they will be creating their own dance to reflect the Great Fire of London and learning routines for the Christmas play.   Weather permitting, they will also have tennis in Autumn 1 with Mrs Rees.

In Music, the children will be exploring duration, pulse and rhythm as well as singing in preparation for the Christmas play. 

In our PSHE learning we will be following JIGSAW lessons. Our topic for the term will be ‘celebrating difference’. The children will be identifying how they are different from their peers and how this makes them special and unique. We will look at our rights and our responsibilities and how these influence us as a member of a school community.