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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. 

Our teacher is Miss Dance, and our TA’s are Mrs Weller and Mrs Head.

Summer Term 2021

In our ‘It’s A Wonderful World’ topic Year 1 will be looking at the four countries of the UK. Every week, as a class, we will ‘visit’ a different country and learn all about their culture, food and their traditions. During week 1 we will be looking at UK’s place within the world. In week 2 we will be looking at England. Week 3, our focus country will be Northern Ireland. We will then move on to Scotland in week 4 and Wales in week 5.

Our topic for the second half of the Summer Term will be ‘Journeys’. As a class we will be looking at the lives of Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will also compare their lives and discuss how they have influenced the life that we live today. As part of this topic we will be journeying in to space using a range of texts. We will also ‘travel’ back to the times of the dinosaurs. We will be looking at a variety of texts about dinosaurs, both fiction and non-fiction, to support our learning.

In our Maths lessons this term the children will be looking at multiplication and division particularly focusing on sharing things out equally and unequally. Year 1 will be developing their knowledge of telling the time and will be reviewing and enhancing their knowledge of numbers. We will also be looking at place value and will be estimating, ordering and comparing as part of our learning this term.

Our values this term are ‘cooperation’ and ‘courage’. As well as this theme being incorporated into our RE lessons, we will also be applying it in all areas of our learning and school life.

In our computing lessons the children will be creating digital cards including digital postcards. After the half term we will revisit all of the Computing skills learnt throughout Year 1.

During summer term our PE sessions will focus on dance, looking at the different dances that are traditional in the countries that we are learning about. We will also incorporate traditional music for our focus country of the week in to our dance sessions.

In our PSHCE sessions we will be continuing with our JIGSAW scheme of work. The topics for this term are ‘relationships’ where we will be looking at our families, who is important to us and how we can celebrate this and the different ways to make friends. We will also look at appropriate ways of greeting different people in and out of school. During the second summer term our topic will be ‘changing me’ in which we will cover life cycles, body changes and how to cope with these alongside looking at the differences between boys and girls bodies.