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In Reception, our teachers are Mrs Hodgson (Thursday and Friday and EYFS leader), Mrs Adams (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and our teaching assistants are Mrs King, Mrs Trott and Mrs MacDonald.

Our topics for the first half term is ‘Ourselves and Autumn Changes’.

We shall be spending the first few weeks settling into school and our new environment, before progressing on to thinking about ourselves, our place in our family and birthdays. Towards the end of the term as the seasonal changes become more obvious, we will explore Autumnal changes in the environment.

We shall be looking at height and comparing tallest and shortest in Maths. With numbers, we be learning to recognise and begin to carefully count objects to 10 and beyond.

In phonics, we will be introducing phonemes using Jolly Phonics.

s, a, t, i, p, c, k, ck, e, r, m, d

We will be looking to read and form words containing these phonemes.

We shall be exploring our fine motor skills to help us hold our pencil and form all the letters in our name correctly.

Our topic for the second half term is ‘Celebrations’. More to follow on this, as the term progresses and the children’s interests develops.