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Welcome to Reception!

Our teacher is Miss Riordan and our teaching assistant is Mrs Diegnan.

Summer 1 – ‘The Secret Garden’ – Through our explorations we will be learning about and discovering a range of mini-beasts in their natural habitats. Furthermore, we will be learning about their life cycles.

Spring 2 – ‘Splash!’ – We will be learning all about water and investigating its uses, linking to areas such as: Floating and Sinking, Under the Sea, Water Safety and Plants.

In Phonics we will continue to re-cap on our learnt phonemes as we practise reading and writing simple sentences. After completing our Phase 3 phonemes, we will be moving onto Phase 4 to help us learn to read and spell words with adjacent consonants.

In Maths we will continue to count, recognise, and order numbers to 20 and beyond. We will be counting on & back to add and subtract two-digit numbers, and begin to solve problems involving doubling, halving and sharing. Furthermore, we will continue to explore the properties of 2D & 3D shapes, and solve problems involving weight, size, capacity, distance, time, and money.

In PSHE Jigsaw, we will be focusing on the puzzle pieces ‘Relationships’ (Summer 1), and ‘Changing Me’ (Summer 2).