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Welcome to Reception!

Our teacher is Miss Riordan and our teaching assistant is Mrs Diegnan.

Spring 1 – ‘Reception’s Backpacking Adventure!’ – We will be identifying the similarities and differences between places, learning about animals from around the world and exploring their habitats.

Spring 2 – ‘In A Land Far Away’ – We will be covering a range of traditional tales and stories, identifying and describing main events, characters and settings.

In Phonics we will continue to re-cap on our Phase 2 sounds as we practice segmenting and blending to read and write words/simple sentences. We will also be starting to learn our Phase 3 sounds.

In Maths we will continue to explore Number, Shape, Space & Measure through a range of practical activities. We will continue to recognise and order numbers, count objects reliably, & begin to add and subtract numbers. We will also continue to develop our knowledge of 2D shapes and begin to learn about 3D shapes. Furthermore, we will be sorting, ordering and comparing objects according to their weight, size and capacity.  

In PSHE Jigsaw, we will be focusing on the puzzle pieces ‘Dreams and Goals’ (Spring 1), and ‘Healthy Me’ (Spring 2).