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In Reception, our teachers are Mrs Adams (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Hodgson (Thursday and Friday and EYFS leader) and our teaching assistants are Mrs King, Mrs Trott and Mrs MacDonald.

Our topic for the first half of the Spring term is ‘People who help us.’ 

Following the Christmas holidays, we will be sharing how we celebrated Christmas in our families and traditions we have at home.

We are going to be thinking about how our families help us and hopefully inviting some Grandparents to come and visit us.

Linked to our Jigsaw topic –‘Dreams and Goals’ we will start off thinking about what we would like to achieve and improve on. This will link in to what are our dreams and goas for the future and what we would like to be when we grow up. We shall be finding out about lots of different jobs people do. 

We shall be investigating numbers and one more and one less and money (recognising and adding coins). While also looking at capacity (how much fits in), heavy and light and 3D shape!

In phonics, we will be introducing phonemes using Jolly Phonics. We will be moving into phase 3 where we look at diagraphs (two letters to make one phoneme) eg, ch, sh, th and trigraphs (three letters to make one phoneme) eg, air, ear, ure. We will continue to use our phonemes to help us to blend and segment words.

Our topic for the second half of the Spring term is ‘Growing’. 

We shall be looking at the new life growing as Spring begins and going on our third seasonal walk in the woods to look at the changes. 

We shall be planting in our outside area, caring for it and watching it grow – hopefully some will grow into food we can eat! This will link with our new Jigsaw topic of ‘Healthy me’ as we look at healthy foods and ways we can keep healthy to help us grow!

We shall also be looking at lifecycles and growth in animals and people.