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In the Nursery our teacher is Mrs Ridout and our teaching assistants are Mrs Holloway, Mrs Howard and Mrs MacDonald.

Our topic for the first half term is ‘Water’.

We shall be looking at how important water is to help us live and grow food and plants. We shall have fun planting sunflower seeds and will care for them as they grow. Also linked to our understanding of the World, we shall be investigating floating and sinking and thinking about predicting what might happen and why. We shall be finding out about animals that live in water, and will also think about different types of boats which travel on water. 

Our topic for the second half term is ‘Meet the minibeasts’.

We shall be searching and identifying minibeasts in a range of habitats. We will be looking at the ways different minibeasts move and using this in our movements. We will be counting wings, legs, spots!! We shall be using non-fiction books, stories and the internet to help us find out more about minibeasts.

We will be thinking about how to take care of the minibeasts and being kind to them and some may need a little bit of our value of courage to look closely at them!