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Welcome to Nursery!

Our class teacher is Mrs Hodgson and our teaching assistant is Mrs Davis.

Spring Term 2022

Nursery are going to start to become readers! We will look at the labels and logos on toys, shops and containers and see if we can read them. This will link to us starting to investigate letter sounds as we continue our phonic development. We will be learning a phoneme a week and linking it to cooking. We will start with t is for toast as we learn how to use the toaster and move on to s is for sandwiches as we continue our spreading skills.

We will be continuing to look at the changes in our environment as winter continues and then changes into spring.

We shall be looking at the new life growing when spring begins and going on seasonal walks in the woods to look at the changes.

We shall be planting in our outside area, caring for it and watching it grow – hopefully some will grow into food we can eat! We will look at healthy foods and ways we can keep healthy to help us grow!

We offer an emerging curriculum based on the differing needs and interests of the children. This is embedded with the EYFS curriculum to extend the holistic learning and development of each individual child.