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Buddying and other leaders

Year 6 Playground Patrol

Our Playground Patrol work hard to keep playtimes fun and safe.  They look out to make sure that other children are safe and happy on the playground, and this includes supporting games, the quiet zones and the friendship stop, where children go if they have nobody to play with.

Year 6 have many leadership roles and do a stunning job!  They all work hard to support Reception children by sitting with them in assembly to show them how it’s done, filling water bottles in the morning and teaching them how to play.

Year 5 Play Leaders

Play Leaders run activities each lunchtime, encourage sensible use of the toilets and support the Mid-day Supervisors in any way they can!  They are always there to help when a child is hurt or to mediate a disagreement.

Buddying System

Our children ‘buddy’ each other in a variety of ways.  This gives our older children a sense of responsibility towards other children in the school.  We pride ourselves on our happy school environment and the way in which we look after each other. 

Our Year 3 pupils are each buddied up with a Reception child.  They are first properly introduced at a special welcome assembly at the beginning of the school year.  This special friendship continues as children move up the school with the same paired buddy, until the Year 3s become Year 6 and it is time to leave, and the Reception children become Year 3 and it is their turn to become the older buddy.

What do our children say about buddying?

  • “I like to play with my buddy in the playground.  When she was off school I made her a get well soon card.” (Lauren)
  • “When my buddy is sad it is fun to cheer him up.” (Freddie)
  • “In the playground I like to play with my buddy as she is really happy all the time and I like to see her smile.” (Millie)
  • “Being a buddy is fantastic. You need to check on them and see they are playing happily and having lots of fun.” (Daisy)
  • “My buddy checks on me as much as I check on him! I love the responsibility to look after my buddy. I made him a Christmas present so he would have a happy Christmas!” (Elodie)
  • “I like being a buddy as it makes us have lots more friends.” (Ben)
  • “I like being a buddy as when you go and see them my buddy always asks if they can play with me. She is the kindest buddy ever. I sometimes get to sit with her at lunchtime.”  (Aobha)

What do our Reception children say about their older buddies?

  • “She helps me if I am hurt.”
  • “We like playing together and pretending.”
  • “I like to play mums and dads with my buddy.”
  • “We do painting together”
  • “We play Hide and Seek and Stuck in the Mud”
  • “I love my buddy”
  • “We play football together”

Other Pupil Leadership                                                                                             

House Captains:

This year’s house captains are:

  • Ruby – Ruby and Finlay
  • Diamond – Honey and Alex T
  • Sapphire – Jesse and Elizabeth
  • Amethyst – Liam and Eva

These pupils lead monthly house meetings to share celebrations and successes.  They motivate their house to achieve merits through good behaviour and hard work and lead them on Sports Day, and in other intra- school competitive events.

School Ambassadors

This year our School Ambassadors are:

  • Eli, Scarlett, Max, Alexandra, Amy and Gus.
  • Bronze ambassadors: Imogen and Alex
  • Activity leaders: Megan and Harrison
  • Inclusion Support: Poppy and Daisy
  • Playground monitors: Mason and Fin
  • Photographers: Olivia and Reggie
  • IT tech: Gray
  • Journalists: Eowyn and Lana

At St Paul’s, some reliable and responsible Year 6’s are selected to be School Ambassadors.  They are well-presented, punctual and respectful pupils who help to show visitors around the school and deliver assemblies about the school rules.

Our Sports Committee is led by 2 Bronze Ambassadors and 2 Activity Leaders .  They lead successful competitive events for other classes and  run a Change4Life Club at lunchtimes.  They also regularly update their noticeboard with photographs and achievements and celebrate success in our weekly sharing assemblies; handing out Sportsmanship Certificates and Play Leader certificates weekly.  The rest of the committee work hard to create awareness by writing weekly for the school newsletter, taking photos at events for the noticeboard and blogging on the School Games website. 

To read their blogs and find out more about sporting events go to: