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Our school has approximately 240 children on roll. Our pupils are supported by teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, lunchtime supervisors and premises staff.

Teaching Staff



Miss Caroline Moore BEd (Hons)


Miss Eilish Bateman BA(Hons)

Deputy Headteacher/SENCO
Teacher (Y1- Wed) (Y3-Fri)

Miss Dale Franklin BA(Hons),

Teacher (Nursery)

Mrs Emma Adams BEd (Hons)

Teacher (Reception Mon-Wed)

Mrs Laura Hodgson BEd(Hons)

 EYFS Leader                            Teacher (Reception Thur – Fri)

Miss Georgina Dance BEd (Hons)

Teacher (Y1 – Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri)

Mrs Hannah Willis BEd (Hons)

Teacher (Y2)

Mrs Diane Dunne BEd (Hons)

Teacher (Y3 Mon- Thur)

Miss Josephine Dickins BEd (Hons)

Teacher (Y4)

Mr Nick Fanshaw BEd (Hons)

Teacher (Y5)

Mrs Sarah Smith BEd(Hons)

Teacher (Y 6)

Mrs Janine Rees MA, BA(Hons) PGCE

Teacher (Part-time)

Ms Amaryllis Rizou

Peripatetic Instrument Teacher

Mr James Phillips

Drum Teacher

Teaching Assistants



Mrs Anne Turner

Specialist Learning Support

Mrs Fay Deignan

Teaching Assistant – Nursery

Mrs Emma MacDonald

Teaching Assistant – Recepton

Mrs Shelley Trott

Teaching Assistant – Y2 (am): Reception (pm)

Mrs Jitka King Teaching Assistant-  Reception (am): Y2 (pm)
Mrs Ros Swallow Nursery Nurse- Y1
Mrs Caroline Holloway Teaching Assistant – YN (am); Y2 (pm)

Mrs Laura Weller

Teaching Assistant – Y1

Ms Sian Mills

Teaching Assistant- Y2

Mrs Kathryn Swales

Teaching Assistant – Y2

Mrs Sarah Howard

Teaching Assistant – Y3

Mrs Lisa Broadfield

Teaching Assistant- Y4

Mrs Samantha Govier

 Teaching Assistant – Y5

Mrs Wendy Marchant

Teaching Assistant- Y6

Support Staff



Mrs Adrianne McKenzie

School Business Manager

Mrs Lindsey Woodley




Mrs Maxine Carine

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Miroslawa Wedzikowska

Kitchen Assistant

Mr Geoff Stickings

Site Manager

Ms Tina Jarmin, Mrs Laura Weller
 Mrs Lisa Broadfield, Mrs Sarah Howard, Miss Carol Cranfield, Mrs Emma MacDonald, Mrs Katie Head.

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Rosemary Inskipp

Development Worker and Family support

Miss Katie Stevens

Pupil Support Worker/Counsellor