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The Governing Body’s principal duty is to secure the highest possible standards for all its pupils and it is an equal partner in the strategic leadership of the school.

The Governors work with the Headteacher and other staff in helping to decide the school’s strategy for improvement, so that its pupils learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards. The Governing Body helps to set and keep under review the broad framework within which the headteacher and staff should run the school. The GB also ensures accountability and financial probity.

The Headteacher, who sits on the Governing Body, makes the day to day decisions about the running of the school. The Governing Body supports the Headteacher with advice and information drawing on its members’ knowledge and experience. It is the Governors however who are responsible for setting the school ethos, agreeing the budget, looking after the welfare of the children, for overseeing the curriculum taught and for setting annual targets for both the school’s and the Headteacher’s performance.

The Governing Body is committed to ensuring that improvements are made that have been identified as necessary by any OFSTED inspections. Whilst the Governors contribute well in shaping the direction of the school, they are appropriately involved in the construction of the school development plan by visiting the school often and setting a focus for each visit linked to the SDP. The Governors work for the school in a voluntary capacity dealing not only with the above but with complaints, some disciplinary matters, buildings and policies.

Stephen Morrill
Chair of Governors

St. Paul’s CE VA School Governors

Stephen Morrill

Chair of Governors / Foundation Governor (Pcc)

Caroline Moore

Head teacher / Ex officio

Chris Deal

Vice Chair / Foundation Governor (Pcc)

Elinor Godfrey

Parent Governor / Treasurer

Janine Rees

Foundation Governor (Pcc)

Penny Stoughton-Harris

LEA Governor

Diana Uff

Foundation Governor (Pcc)

Phil Waine

Foundation Governor (Diocese)

Andrea Dunsby

Associate Governor


Parent Governor

Carly-Anne Heaphy

Foundation Governor (Diocese)

Hilly Baker

Staff Governor

Ian Chantrell

Associate Governor


Foundation Governor Pcc

Anita Ayrey

Clerk to Governing Body